Shipping Agency and Logistic Services

PT. INDO DHARMA TRANSPORT ( PT. IDT ) was founded in 2007 and began operating in May 2008. Having a central office in Jakarta Indonesia PT. IDT now becomes one of a reputable shipping agency and logistics service company in Indonesia by its extensive experience and professionalism. The company is focusing on business service such as shipping agency.

As a ship agency and logistic services company, PT. IDT has a commitment to consider the principal as our golden asset. That is the reasion, why our wide networking, strong relationship with goverment, coal producers, buyer, port authorities, and our well-estabilished experience in shipping agencies and logistics services build our credibility.

Our strong business definitely tailored to principals’ requirements to access all our business activities in 24 hours, easily and quickly as if the ships are in front of them.

To strengthen our credibility, PT. IDT supported by our own branch offices at most of Indonesian ports, which are divided into five regions :

Java and Sumatera Region :
Jakarta, Surabaya, Gresik and some others affilieted with some ports such as Merak, Ciwandan, Gading, Panjang, Tarahan, Semarang, Palembang, Cilacap and any other ports located in Java.

Central Kalimantan Region :
Sampit (the iron ore sources port), Pangkalan Bun, Teluk Kumal.

South Kalimantan Region :
Banjarmasin, Jorong, Muara Satui, Kotabaru/Batulicin, Tanjung Peutang, Tanjung Pemancingan, North Pulau Laut Coal Terminal (NPLCT), South Pulau Laut Coal Terminal (IBT) Tanjung Mangkok and Sebuku.

East Kalimantan Region :
Adang Bay, Balikpapan, Samarinda, Muara Pantai (Berau) and Lubuk Tutung, Sangatta.

Sulawesi Region :
Kabaena, Torobulu, Pomala, and Morowali, Kolondale, Luwuk and Ge Island.

by doing so, we believe that PT. IDT and PT. HBP will be the primary choice for principals in shipping agencies and logistics service.